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Shared Interest Groups
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NASW-NJ Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)



  • Pertinent legislative issues surrounding alcohol, drug, tobacco addictions and professionals in this area
  • Certification and re-certification of LCADC/CADC for social workers
  • Addictions and co-occurring mental illness, harm reduction
  • Compulsive behaviors such as gambling, spending, sex
  • Active aging, healthcare needs, barriers to receiving medical care, NJ programs
  • Providing adequate support for kinship care, seeking available housing options
  • Services and discrepancies in services available for aging adults of different races, cultures, religions, family values
  • Adequate provisions and structures for sandwich generations- adults care-taking for both their own children and their parents

 Children and Adolescents

  • Research, resources, current topics and issues that pertain to children and adolescents
  • Advocating for and supporting social action initiatives that promote the well-being of children and adolescents on a local, national and global level
  • Planning and implementing educational programming


  • Identifying agencies that work on prisoner re-entry and integration programs, partnering with these agencies
  • Common issues and practices in forensic social work
  • Continuing education opportunities related to the field
  • Disability rights and full inclusion in society
  • Ensuring the availability of accessible education, employment, housing, healthcare, and support services
  • The needs of caregivers of individuals with disabilities
  • Sensitivity to and awareness of issues facing persons with disabilities and their families
 Environmental Justice
  • Issues of power and privilege in environmental community impacts
  • Looking at ways social workers are and can get involved in environmental justice advocacy and policy-making
Health Care
  • Healthcare reform at both the state and national level
  • Issues related to the availability of affordable, accessible, quality health care for all
  • Healthcare disparities for minority and disadvantaged populations
  • Health awareness events and informational updates
  • Age, gender, gender orientation, racial, economic and other disparities related to rates of HIV transmission and available services in NJ
  • Identifying legislation that can be supportive of programs necessary to our clients, including condom distribution and needle exchange
  • Opposing abstinence-only educational methods, mandatory testing in all areas and punitive measures against people with HIV/AIDS
  • Urging that HIV prevention be a part of the core curriculum in public schools 
International Social Work
  • A forum to sensitize & inform social workers & others about global issues & events that impact meeting basic human needs
  • Increase awareness among social workers & others of the impact that global social problems have on US society, including those who are immigrants or refugees
  • Inform social workers of existing & emerging world-wide situations regarding welfare, social development & social work practice, human rights & social justice
  • Engage social workers in activities, here and abroad, to advance the profession and advocate for the politically, economically and socially marginalized
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Questioning, Transgender, Intersexed (LGBT)
  • Legislation on same-sex marriage, discrimination
  • Foster care and child protective services and LGBTI youth/adolescents
  • Creating LGBT-friendly offices and inclusive intake/assessment forms
  • Community resources available in NJ, health education for LGBTI individuals and families
  • Meditation, centering, balancing, mindfulness in personal and professional contexts, self-awareness
  • Understanding diversity, oppression, privilege, and bias in our own culture
  • Macro application of peace issues- war on terrorism and constitutional rights, Department of Peace, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, role of UN, action in dealing with genocide, torture, rendition, collateral damage, ethics of weapons
Private Practice (click here to find a group near you)
  • Logistics of running a private practice
  • Issues related to managed care and working with insurance companies
  • Therapeutic techniques and member presentations on their own specialty practice areas
  • Networking, resources and referrals
Social Work in Sports
  • Promote awareness and explore how social workers can impact the social issues in sports, including substance abuse and performance enhancing drugs, violence and aggression, brain injury, mental illness, and child abuse, as well as others.
Social Workers and the Law
  • Promote and support professional development and best practices for social workers who work with court-involved individuals and families
  • Access to information on regulations and policies related to social work practice with court-involved individuals and families


Spirituality and Social Work
  • Identifying diverse religious and spiritual experiences and their importance in social work practice
  • Understanding the role of spiritual values and religious beliefs in the framework of clinical interventions
  • The use of Spiritual Assessment Tools in social work practice
  • Ethical considerations when integrating spirituality into the treatment process
Military and Veterans
  • Educate social workers on the military culture
  • Identify ways to address issues such as PTSD, homelessness, military sexual trauma, and substance abuse in this population
Women and Social Justice
  • Feminism
  • Women in the workplace, what it means in the real world to be a female head of household
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Economic justice, diversity


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